Our New Home at GWRVR

Saturday, 25 January
Gulf Waters RV Resort (GWRVR) — Port Aransas, Texas
Temps: LO 35F (1.5C) / Hi 57F (14C)

The polar vortex once again made its presence known to us this week.  But not with the fierceness experienced by those who were in the path of Winter Storm Janus elsewhere in the country.

While some of our Texan friends who live further north did get snow, the worst we had was strong winds that buffeted the rig Thursday night, and temperatures that never got over 34F (1C) the next day.  With the windchill, the feels-like temperature on Friday was around 23F (-5).  We hunkered down until today, when the sunshine warmed us enough to go for a walk around the campground … and on the beach.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have extended our stay in GWRVR to the end of April.  But, we will have to move a few times during that time frame.  After a month in site 756, Monday, the 20th, was the first of such moves.  We waited until the Prevost that was in our new site moved out before taking the Phaeton for a spin.  Our excuse — topping off the diesel.  In reality, we wanted to get the wheels rolling a bit before settling down again for the next six weeks.

For the first time since we bought the Phaeton in 2010, we took it to a regular gas station.  Having checked it out first, we knew getting her in and out wouldn’t be a problem.  But she sure did overwhelm the place!  Should have taken a photo while Mui was manning the sloooow diesel pump.  It took a while to quench the Phaeton’s thirst.

To return to GWRVR, Mui then had to execute a u-ey to get from the northbound lanes of South Padre Island Drive to the southbound lanes.  I was never as glad that we have a 55° wheel cut as I was that morning.  The increased maneuverability allowed Mui to easily make the tight turn.  Should have videotaped that turn, but I was too busy clutching the arm of my seat to think about it!

From Roughing It Smoothly; April 2008, Volume 5, Number 2 (Inside Cover).
The ad shows an Allegro Bus, but our Phaeton is capable of making these tight turns as well.

Anyway, we returned to GWRVR shortly after noon.  Sal escorted us to Site 461 and guided Mui into place.  We considered going face-first into this back-in site, but we would have been literally face-to-face with the Prevost in the site behind ours.  So, back-in we manuevered.

We moved from 756 (red arrow — bottom right) to 461 (blue arrow — top right).

We don’t have a pond view this time, but our corner lot is spacious.  Our only immediate neighbor is an owner lot that is not in the rental pool.  They’ve got their 5’er sitting there empty, so unless they come, there won’t be anyone on our driver side.  It’s pretty much the same with the lots across from us.  Only the corner lot is occupied; the others are all empty owner lots.

From the front …

… From the right.

It didn’t take long for us to get settled.  As it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a light breeze, Mui lost no time setting up the grill to cook up some of the köfte left over from our lunch with friends the day before.

Our first al fresco meal at GWRVR.

On the menu: köfte (ground beef patties), domateslİ pİlav (rice made with
tomatoes), cacık (cold cucumber soup with yogurt), and pİyaz (white bean salad).
[You saw this photo before when I cheated and used it on the previous post]

Our visit to the opthalmologist on the 16th had yielded a new Rx for me — no surprise there.  On Wednesday, the 22nd, we drove into Corpus Christi to run some errands and get that prescription filled.  The manager at the Walmart Eye Center took her time helping us and I ended up leaving a chunk of change behind.  Now that I am supposed to wear these glasses all the time, I also splurged on a pair of Rx sunglasses.  Looking forward to being able to see the GPS when I am driving!

I knew I was going to need a new prescription — sigh!

Our errands took long enough that it was 1:00p by the time we were done.  Time for lunch.  We decided to go to the PF Chang’s nearby.P.F. Chang's Lettuce Wraps  I know, we should have gone to a local joint instead of a chain, but we had our reasons.

We used to go to this China Bistro when we lived in Northern Virginia — mostly to enjoy the chicken lettuce wraps that Mui has been unable to duplicate at home … must be some secret ingredient they use.

Anyway, we had more than just the lettuce wraps this time.  Our meal included chicken lo mein for me, and crispy shrimp with a side of fried rice for Mui.  We washed it all down with a couple of Tsingtaos and walked away well-satisfied with our meal.

What, no dessert?  Yes, we did have a sweet treat at the neighboring Marble Slab Creamery. We enjoyed our ice cream at one of the patio tables overlooking the fountain — another al fresco opportunity for us.

We didn’t take a camera on this errands-outing, so no photos of any of this — except for the one of the lettuce wraps, which I borrowed from the web.

The temps are supposed to warm up further tomorrow.  If I can get rid of the headache that’s been plaguing me today, we’re going to check out the birding center.  We’d like to get a fun outing in before the next polar vortex hits us early next week.


  1. Nice site, I like. Have never had Chang’s, but it sounds good. Wonder if any decent Pho place has opened down there lately. A big steaming bowl of yummy would help ward off the upcoming chill. Enough already with the polar vortices.

  2. Since we have started to travel to Texas, this is the craziest weather we can ever remember. Our daughter has been here for 7 years and cannot remember a colder January. We are having tons of wind too.

    Yep...that is one kind of trip trying to get the motor home in a regular gas station. We did it several times, but like you two, always checked it out first.

    Egads...that is some type of turn. Good driving, Mui!

    Lovely, lovely site!

  3. Love that corner lot! I do love those chicken lettuce wraps.

  4. It's always nice to have a long break from traveling, but don't enjoy those lots too much. Roots can grow fast when you're not looking!

    We've enjoyed PF Chang's a few times, wish there were more of them around.

  5. Great new spot!! Lots of room.

    The FL weather has been very cool and cloudy since we arrived Dec 1. Not at all like our other two visits. But still better than the north:)

  6. Your new lot is really nice we leave on Tuesday so if we don't see you on our rounds tomorrow we'll see you when we both get back here next winter.

  7. Looks like TX Rv parks are spacious than what we have here in FL?

  8. Yeni yeriniz hayırlı olsun; güle güle oturun.

  9. We ate at PF Changs today, great place

  10. Thought I'd check in on you since I hadn't seen anything from you in so long. Sure enough you are not coming up in my blog list. I'm going back to take you off and put you back on again to see if that fixes it. So sorry I haven't been here. It wasn't my intention. I must admit to being surprised to see you still in the same park for so long. You must really like it. Guess I'd better go back and see what I've missed now.