They’re Baaack!

Sunday, 20 July
NAS Corpus Christi, Texas
Temps: LO 80F (27C) / Hi 92F (33C) … Feels like 105F (41C)

Yes, we’re back.  In fact, not only are we back in the US, but in the past four days, we flew from DC to Houston … got the Phaeton serviced while there … stayed two nights in the area so Mui could get his Costco fix … and drove 232 miles (371 km) to Corpus Christi today.  We will be staying at the Shields Campground aboard Naval Air Station Corpus Christi until renters vacate our Gulf Waters site at the end of the month.

That we had a terrific vacation goes without saying.  Those of you who might have taken a peek at our Two to Travel blog already know how we spent the past month and a half.  For the rest of you — a summary ... we visited family in Turkey; explored Helsinki, Finland; made a day trip to Tallinn, Estonia; and — drum roll, please — attained the North Pole aboard a Russian nuclear icebreaker!

As you can imagine, we’re exhausted — pleasantly so.  But before the R&R begins — and I get back to blogging — there are chores that require our attention.  And so, we begin to ‘live life’ again ;-)

Still on Hiatus, but …

Monday, 9 June
Turgutreİs — Muğla, Turkey

… I couldn’t resist a quick post when I saw this ‘classic’ Class C parked at the timeshare I’m staying at with my family.  It’s odd enough to see an RV anywhere in Turkey, but to see it parked next door to us struck my funny bone.

10 days down, 14 more to go before we leave Turkey.  In the meantime, Mui continues to oversee renovations at his mom’s house in Ankara, and I’m off gallivanting with my family.  I think I got to better end of the deal.

OK … putting this blog back to sleep again ;-)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz … Phaeton Journeys Goes on Hiatus

Monday, 26 May
Advanced RV Resort — Houston, Texas
Temps: LO 76F (24C) / Hi 82F (28C) … 93% Humidity

There’s lightning, there’s thunder, and it’s pouring buckets — can barely see out the windows right now .  The Phaeton is getting a free wash on top of the one Mui gave it after we arrived in Houston last week.  Mui has named the loud thunder ‘Texas bangers’ — everything is bigger in Texas, right ;-)

More of this kind of weather is in the forecast for the next two days, with tomorrow having isolated thunderstorms, and Wednesday having scattered thunderstorms.  Geez … couldn’t this front have held off a few more days until we are safely on a plane out of Houston?  It is, what it is … I guess — and as MBZ said to me in an email earlier today, George Bush International is used to dealing with such weather.  Besides, we have time built into our plans; so we won’t be stressing over delays flying out of Houston.

Anyway, I just posted my apologies on Two to Travel for having to take a ‘commercial break’ from the 2013 vacation catch-up posts.  I will finish them at some point.

In the meantime, it is almost time for the Phaeton to go into storage — that happens tomorrow — and for Phaeton Journeys to go on hiatus — that happens as soon as I post this entry to the blog.  But I’ll still be around to moderate comments ;-)

Anyone who’s interested in a quick overview of our 2014 vacation plans can read about them here.

See you in late July!  And safe travels wherever your plans take you while we’re off the RVing grid.