Holiday Greetings ...

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

… from the Chilean Fjords at the tip of South America.

Xmas 2015 Card

And back to snoozing again ....

Phaeton Journeys Goes On Hiatus … For a While

Thursday, 20 November 2014
Houston, Texas
Temps: Hi 70F (21C) / LO 63F (17C)

Tire inspection in Corpus Christi — check … aced the test; we’re good for another year or two.

Snuggled down in storage — check … at least the coach is.  We left the Phaeton behind and checked in for our overnight stay at the Sheraton North Houston.

Time for Phaeton Journeys to take a nap … a long one ;-)

Anyone interested in where our overseas travels will be taking us over the next four months will find a ‘visual overview’ and a few words here.

See you at the end of March!  And safe travels wherever your plans take you while we’re off the RVing grid.

Last Post from GWRVR … For Now

Tuesday, 18 November 2014
Gulf Waters RV Resort — Port Aransas, Texas
Temps: Hi 54F (12C) / LO 47F (8C)

Winter has arrived in Port Aransas — earlier than usual … or so we’ve been told.  So we’re leaving!  Actually, the weather has nothing to do with our departure; the timing just worked out that way.

Despite the sudden change in weather over this past week, our pond continues to be frequented by birds and waterfowl.  I thought I’d share a couple of images of them before we leave the Port Aransas area.

Great Blue Heron




Ducks – that’s about all I can say about them — I thought perhaps redheads, but …

… the coloring is off.  So, if anyone can help with the ID; please leave a comment.

Tomorrow, we take the Phaeton to have her tires inspected at a truck shop in Corpus Christi, and then she goes into storage while we take off to gallivant around the world.