Phaeton Journeys Goes On Hiatus … For a While

Thursday, 20 November 2014
Houston, Texas
Temps: Hi 70F (21C) / LO 63F (17C)

Tire inspection in Corpus Christi — check … aced the test; we’re good for another year or two.

Snuggled down in storage — check … at least the coach is.  We left the Phaeton behind and checked in for our overnight stay at the Sheraton North Houston.

Time for Phaeton Journeys to take a nap … a long one ;-)

Anyone interested in where our overseas travels will be taking us over the next four months will find a ‘visual overview’ and a few words here.

See you at the end of March!  And safe travels wherever your plans take you while we’re off the RVing grid.

Last Post from GWRVR … For Now

Tuesday, 18 November 2014
Gulf Waters RV Resort — Port Aransas, Texas
Temps: Hi 54F (12C) / LO 47F (8C)

Winter has arrived in Port Aransas — earlier than usual … or so we’ve been told.  So we’re leaving!  Actually, the weather has nothing to do with our departure; the timing just worked out that way.

Despite the sudden change in weather over this past week, our pond continues to be frequented by birds and waterfowl.  I thought I’d share a couple of images of them before we leave the Port Aransas area.

Great Blue Heron




Ducks – that’s about all I can say about them — I thought perhaps redheads, but …

… the coloring is off.  So, if anyone can help with the ID; please leave a comment.

Tomorrow, we take the Phaeton to have her tires inspected at a truck shop in Corpus Christi, and then she goes into storage while we take off to gallivant around the world.

Little Blue Heron Comes Calling

Friday, 31 October 2014
Gulf Waters RV Resort — Port Aransas, Texas
Temps: Hi 79F (26C) / LO 63F (17C)

There is a little blue heron that frequents our pond.  Generally, he’s a shy character, flying off when he senses any movement.  On this occasion, he not only tolerated my presence — I approached quietly from the patio on the neighboring site, and made myself as small as possible before sitting down in the shade of a fan palm — but he showed off a bit, too!

I love it when wild critters let me sit with them.